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Why Compost with Gainesville Compost?

Bike-powered community composting diverts valuable soil-building resources away from the landfill for the benefit of urban agriculture in Gainesville, FL.

  • No More Food Waste

    One-third of the landfill is comprised of food waste. Do your part to end food waste by composting with us.

  • Pedal-Powered Pickup

    We bike to your house weekly to pick up your bucket. Our food waste diversion program is fossil fuel-free!

  • Get Compost Back

    Soil Food is a living, nutrient-rich amendment made from a diverted waste stream. As a member, you get one each month.

  • Convenient Starter Kit

    When you sign up, you get: a Green Bucket, a small Soil Food; stickers and signage; and more!

Get 1 Month for $1Weekly pickup. Monthly soil amendments.


We moved from a house to a downtown apartment last year and needed a way to compost our food scraps but could hardly bring our composter with us ... We are extremely pleased with the service.  It is one of those rare services that 'just works.'

- John Carter, Software Engineer

Rather than trucked to a landfill, your kitchen waste is pedaled to Community Composting Centers throughout a network of local partners, including:

Porters Community Farm · Opus Garden · Highlands Presbyterian Center · Tempo Bistro to Go · Cymply Fresh Cafe · Center for Innovation & Economic Development

Call or text (352) 356-8178

The Story of the First Pedal Powered Community Compost Network

This video about our origin story was played at the 2015 US Composting Council Conference:

When you sign up for pickup, you get a GNVCompost Green Bucket & Starter Kit delivered to your door.

Your Starter Kit is delivered within 1 business day of placing your order and includes:

A GNVCompost Green Bucket for Your Doorstep

A Sign for Your Household Detailing What Goes in the Bucket

A Partner Decal for Your Window

Get a monthly Soil Food for Amending Your Garden, Flowers, or Lawn

... and more!

Sign Me Up NowTry it for one month for just $1.

Email info@gainesvillecompost.com