Soil Food Garden Amendment (Lg) – 5 Gallons


Soil Food – Large
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This well-cured Soil Food is lovingly and locally cultured in a network of community compost systems throughout downtown Gainesville, Florida.

Made from: recycled fruit, vegetable, mushroom, coffee ground, and egg-shell byproducts and dried leaves from Gainesville trees; all collected and transported with bicycle power!

A little Soil Food goes a long way. Beyond its rich diversity of plant-based ingredients, Gainesville Compost Soil Food is cultured with live beneficial microbes — including effective microorganisms and beneficial fungi — and blended with 10% worm castings, a powerful waste nutrient from earthworms that is known to boost soil health.

Soil Food is a soil-builder used to feed and maintain soil life over time. Add handfuls to your garden around plant root zones monthly or twice monthly to increase soil organic matter, soil moisture retention, and maintain your garden's soil foodweb.

Use to add a wider range of microbes and micronutrients to your current soil, or mix it with a lower-grade manure-based soil in raised beds.

Our ingredients are heated to high temperatures for several days, and turned and watered regularly to maintain proper moisture and oxygen levels for live soil microbes.

Gainesville Compost is sustainable soil with a social mission! We are working to build a pedal powered community compost network, diverting restaurant food waste via bicycle and contributing to urban agriculture projects in our community.

Soil Food Benefits:

Boosts Soil Health & Plant Immunity

Improves Soil Micronutrient Diversity & Availability

Improves Soil Water Retention

Improves Plants' Tolerance to Extreme Weather

Builds Garden Soil Microbial Life

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