Bike-Powered Food Waste Diversion is fossil fuel-free, conversation-worthy transportation.
No-hassle kitchen waste diversion and composting.Sun Foods Does Composting at Blue Oven KitchensA Bike Crew member will stop by at least once per week.Heavy-duty, industry-standard containersVinyl, Weather-Proof Partner Window DecalsYour logo on a bike trailerKnow your waste diversion data!Help move Gainesville "From Waste to Food"Sell Soil Food at your storefront & earn more for your business.

Bike-Powered Kitchen Waste Composting for Restaurants & Businesses

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Gainesville loves green businesses! Make composting the next step toward your restaurant’s sustainability goals, and increase your appeal to a large green-minded audience.

Gainesville Compost diverts commercial kitchen waste from the landfill via a Pedal Powered Food Waste Diversion service.

We love to highlight our restaurant and venue partners with fun social media marketing, widespread display of your logo and link, and promotional materials used to show off your composting initiative to customers.

Gainesville Compost makes sustainable Soil Food™ for urban agriculture thanks to the following local restaurants, bars, kitchens, and cafes:

Participating Partners:

Divert your food waste and appeal to conscientious customers by becoming a Gainesville Compost Partner today. Continue reading below to learn more about how composting can help your business or venue.

Blue Oven Kitchens and Gainesville Compost

Val Leitner of Blue Oven Kitchens, a kitchen incubator where local food entrepreneurs use Gainesville Compost to divert their food waste. Credit: Alex Sanchez.

More benefits to composting with Gainesville Compost:

  • Gainesville Compost Partner DecalReduce your trash and environmental impact. Potentially, downsize your dumpster and pay less for waste disposal.
  • “Green your business” and appeal to your eco-minded customers by participating in composting. Gainesville restaurant-goers are more excited than ever about composting thanks to our highly publicized initiative!
  • Show off your sustainability effort with a Gainesville Compost Partner window decal, your logo on our farmers market signage and bike trailers, mentions in our popular social media platforms and newsletter, and more!
  • Support local community gardens. All of our compost is produced throughout a network of community partner locations, many of which are community gardens that benefit from the organic matter we contribute to their plots.

We collect all uncooked, pre-consumer vegetable and fruit waste, egg shells, coffee grounds, and more.

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