Bike-Powered Kitchen Waste Diversion for House or Apartment


Photo by Alex Sanchez.Photo by Alex Sanchez.You get a sign that lets you and your household know what goes in the bin (and what doesn’t)You get a decal for your windowEvery month, members get a small Soil Food, a garden amendment made from diverted local food waste

Have your home kitchen and organic waste diverted from the landfill for composting by our Bike Crew service team. Receive your first green bucket within 2 business days after placing your order. Get compost back each month, or donate it!

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How it works: You fill your container with fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells, and more. Your Gainesville Compost Bike Crew member visits and collects your bucket from your doorstep every week.

Your green-waste is pedaled to nearby community composting centers and turned into a product, Soil Food, which is returned to you monthly — or donated, your choice — for growing fruits, veggies, or herbs. We also share a portion of the Soil Food produced with urban farms and other community composting partners. That's what we call closing the loop.

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Service Summary
For a low monthly price, you get:

  • A starter kit containing your Green Bucket, a kitchen sign letting you know what can and can't be composted, and a partner decal for your window or mailbox
  • A weekly pickup of your Green Bucket contents — your kitchen waste collected and your bucket cleaned.
  • A small Soil Food every month — use it to nourish your fruits and veggies, flower beds, or your lawn
  • 15% off any Soil Food purchases for the duration of your membership

As we begin our fourth year, Gainesville Compost is showing our community that there is a better alternative to waste handling, and that is Pedal Powered Community Composting. Started in Gainesville, FL (est. 2011) Gainesville Compost is a leader in a broad and growing national movement of community composting.

Stop the flow of food waste to the landfill and show your support for community composting by joining our eco-friendly and innovative composting program.

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