Community Composting Partners

Gainesville Compost is a pedal-powered community compost network. Thank you to our Community Partners who provide us space around town to do composting.

  1. Center for Innovation and Economic Development
    CIED Santa Fe
  2. The Church of Holy Colors
    Church of Holy Colors
  3. Cymply Fresh
    Cymply Fresh
  4. The Downtown Farmers’ Garden
    Downtown Farmers Garden, Community Garden in Gainesville
  5. Highlands Presbyterian
    Highlands Presbyterian in Gainesville
  6. Indigo Green Store
    Indigo Green Store
  7. Porters Community Farm
    Porters Community Farm in Gainesville
  8. Porters Urban Plant Project (PUPP)
    PUPP urban farm
  9. Tempo Bistro to Go
    Tempo Bistro to Go
  10. Zen Center & Hostel
    Zen Center & Hostel Gainesville

We offer our partners a share of the Gainesville Compost CSA and other benefits in exchange for their participation.


See our sister initiatives BikeCompost & Kanner Karts

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