November Planting Guide for Gainesville & North-Central Florida Gardeners

Floridians are blessed (and sometimes burdened!) with almost year-round sunshine and warm weather. Thankfully, apoplectic this allows us home gardeners to have something growing in the garden practically all year long. This month, overnight order there is a wide array of leafy greens, root vegetables and a few other produce items that are suitable for growing in our November climate.

Below are plants that survive the Fall/Winter season in North-Central Florida along with some additional tips on companion planting with seasonal herbs.

What To Plant In November

When it comes to organic gardening, pest control can be somewhat difficult, especially in this Florida humidity. Companion planting is a method used by organic planters that helps keep unwanted pests out of the garden.

Some herbs can even help the growth of vegetables. See below for some tips on how to get the most out of your newly planted November crops.

  • Plant dill near your broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Dill improves the flavor and growth of vegetables in the cabbage family.
  • Try intercropping, or alternating, strawberries and onions in a row. Onions help strawberries fight off internal diseases.
  • Cilantro repels harmful pests like aphids, spider mites and potato beetles. Plant cilantro around your carrots and radishes for pest control.
  • Kohlrabi and beets are a perfect pair. Kohlrabi bulbs grow above the soil while beets grow in the soil. Try intercropping them for maximum growth.

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