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Our take on a grapefruit mojito.

This post is part of our 12 Days of Compost winter blog series.

More often than not, cocktails call for processed and packaged ingredients. This holiday season, we challenged ourselves to make ours with fresh, whole, compostable ones. However, we’re no mixologists. In fact, you’re more likely to catch us with a pint of Midnight Oil in our hands. But we do appreciate a good mixed drink. So we scoured the Internet for one that was simple enough for us (and you!) to make at home. And, of course, we gathered a focus group to make sure we hit the mark.

Our grapefruit mojito!

Now, winter may seem like the time for a warm drink. Perhaps that’s true. But we stumbled upon something decidedly Floridian. In fact, if you’re spending the holidays in the Sunshine State, it can be sourced locally. With that said, we present to you: The Grapefruit Mojito, courtesy of Blogging Over Thyme. Photos here are from our demo, but head over to Blogging Over Thyme for the recipe.

Juice the lime and grapefruit into mason jars to save for later.

Other than the ingredients listed, we recommend arming yourself with:
A citrus juicer
2 small Ball/mason jars – We juiced the grapefruit and lime into these and saved the leftovers in our fridge for our next shindig.

Helpful hints:
– Make several servings minus the soda water and put it in a pitcher or thrifted carafe. Add the soda water and ice when served. You can also hold the rum until served so that each person can add as much as they’d like. Check out our post on throwing a compost-friendly holiday party for tips on dressing up your beverages.
– Never muddled before? If you have, don’t laugh. We hadn’t. Head over here for a quick tutorial. We used an upside-down whisk as our “muddler.”

Other tips, tricks and tutorials for making more compost-friendly cocktails:
–  Simple syrup is just that: simple. And a lot of drinks call for it. Infused syrups aren’t much more difficult. Head over here for an almost-not-necessary tutorial.
– Sweet-and-sour mix is another common ingredient. Again, almost as simple as simple syrup. Recipe here.

Happy responsible (in every sense of the word) drinking!

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