Seven Celebrities Passionate About Compost

The seed of an eco-conscious lifestyle, especially in modern times, has been planted in all of us as more and more people continue to recognize the importance and benefits of environmental awareness and conservation. However, that seed most certainly grows better with fresh, healthy compost. While we all have the power to change the conversation and make an impact, we’ve come up with a list of celebrities that might surprise you by their environmental activism. Here are seven modern day influential people that compost.

1. Kate Moss

When you think of fashion, it’s difficult not to think of British model, Kate Moss, in some capacity. Having been named one of TIME’s 100 most influential people in 2007, and coming in second on the Forbes list of top-earning models in 2012, her personal style and brand have become an integral part of the fashion industry’s history. And it’s not just her outside that’s beautiful.

Steering away from a few controversial lifestyle choices in the past, Moss, taking some inspiration from her long time green husband, ‘The Kills’ guitarist Jamie Hince, is now fully embracing the green lifestyle alongside her husband. They maintain a vegetable garden at their home in the Cotswolds, partake in composting, recycling, and buying locally, and enjoy participating in the green community at their local farmers’ market, since Moss eats only organic foods. A source close to the couple reports that “it seems she’s letting her inner hippy loose on other aspects of her life. The high life just doesn’t make her happy any more.”

2. Jason Mraz

Mraz helps plant a white oak tree in the Minneapolis’ Midtown Greenway. Source:

Mraz plants a white oak tree in the Minneapolis’ Midtown Greenway. Source:

American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz has a lighthearted, rhythmic style of music, heavily influenced by some Brazilian styles. But do you know what also influences his music? His health-conscious lifestyle, vegan diet, practicing yoga, and working on his five-and-a-half acre farm in California! Speaking on his farm, he said, “I was able to put my new knowledge to good use and improve my yard as well as my compost heap and the quality of life for my chickens. I also enjoyed getting properly chased by my new bees while I’m busy upping the diversity in my orchard by planting 30 new fruit trees.”

He continually self-educates himself on how to up his productivity and knowledge in sustainability, having participated in an online urban farming class last fall to learn how to improve and transform his yard into a more edible environment.

3. Alicia Silverstone

American actress, producer, author, and activist Alicia Silverstone is no stranger to green culture, being a longtime environmentalist and vegan. She incorporates her eco-conscious tendencies into multiple aspects of her life, including partnering with an organic brand, Juice Beauty, based in California, to launch a line of all-natural, eco-friendly skincare and makeup products.

Alicia is an avid composter, and she definitely puts that passion into words. She says, “I get really excited about the fact that I can eat an artichoke, place all the leaves into my little bucket, put it into the ground and then it turns into rich soil, which then grows my food. I know that might sound weird, but the cycle of life really amazes me.”

Sounds like she would love a Gainesville Compost Green Bucket!

4. The Coen Brothers

If you were the leader of a small community, would you make sure everyone composted? Well, the Coen Brothers, directors of many films in their time as the renowned duo they are, diverted 11.1 tons of waste on-set during their shoot for ‘A Serious Man’, in 2009. Partnering with an environmental non-profit and a local hauler, the cast and crew of the film were able to divert 74% of their waste into compost, with an additional 6% recycled.

Shannon E. Schaefer of EcoSet Consulting, a firm that worked with the Coen Brothers to achieve this feat, says this of her experience, “The sheer amount of set waste it can convert to ‘black gold’ puts our old environmental ‘recycling is good enough’ mantra to shame.” The brothers have also advocated in other areas of environmental sustainability, including running television ads ridiculing ‘clean coal’.

5. Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell has had dozens of roles over the course of her impressive acting career, a recent one being the voice of Anna from Disney’s ‘Frozen’. But there’s more to Bell than just her acting skills, and she certainly comes to mind when thinking of exemplary environmental activism. During an interview with E! News in 2013, when asked what her favorite green products were, Bell quickly points out her personal compost bin:

Bell fighting for water conservation for The Nature Conservancy. Source: Huffington Post

“I have a compost bin in my front yard. And I recently bought some fruit trees. And I think simply having an exposure to that cycle of the fruit tree or the cycle of the turnover of the compost helps me remain aware. That sounds so broad and philosophical, but it’s true.”


She’s helped launch the Every Drop Counts campaign to raise awareness about reducing water usage, and even says it’s “…kind of become a fun game about how much I can reduce, reuse and recycle.” There are also several articles floating around the Internet on health and lifestyle websites that are guest authored and edited by Bell, including titles such as ’14 Things That You Wouldn’t Believe Are Compostable’!

6. Julia Roberts

Motherhood is what ultimately catapulted Julia Roberts into the composting lifestyle, after she started to feel guilty about the amounts of food her children left on their plates after meals. A memorable moment in Roberts’ environmentally-conscious journey came on April 22nd, 2008, when she appeared on an Earth Day special episode of Oprah, and shared some of her composting tips.

Roberts’ eco-conscious friend, Sophie Uliano, author of ‘Gorgeously Green’, has also served as a huge role model for her composting education, coining memorable quotes such as comparing a good compost bin to a layered lasagna dish, and that, “You need to aerate it. You mix the lasagna up to get oxygen into the lasagna.” She even opened a literal can of worms on the show with them, causing Oprah and Roberts to hilariously jump back in shock as she advocated for vermicomposting, saying that the waste worms produce practically the healthiest thing you could ever put back into your garden.

7. Ed Begley Jr.


Begley stands with a composting eco-toilet. Source: Alternative Consumer

Have you ever thought about a compostable toilet? Well, Ed has! A career environmentalist, second only to his appearance in over one hundred films, television shows, and stage performances, Ed Begley Jr. has even ridden to the Oscars on his bicycle… in the rain! His personal website states “Ed has been considered an environmental leader in the Hollywood community for many years. He serves on the boards of Green Wish, the Coalition For Clean Air, The Thoreau Institute and the advisory board of the Union Of Concerned Scientists”, and that “He currently lives near Los Angeles, in a self-sufficient home powered by solar energy.”

As for the toilets, Ed is a strong advocate in favor of Envirolet, a company dedicated to developing and perfecting composting toilet systems that also use next to no water. Ed has written a guide to sustainable living, which was released in August of 2009, and has received numerous awards and recognitions from countless environmental organizations.

I hope this list serves as personal inspiration to up your composting game. Who knows; we may see you on the next list!

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