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Gainesville Compost was born in a post-college home in 2011, as I nurtured a newfound passion for growing food in a small rented lot in a neighborhood known as the Gainesville “student ghetto.” My curiosity about composting became a hobby and then, eventually, a business.

Want to be inspired? Watch our short film presentation for the 2015 US Composting Council Conference panel entitled “The Status and Future of Community Composting:”

For my roommates and me, the garden was a centerpiece. We’d cook the food we grew with our friends, and we’d wine and dine outside among the plants.

After cooking, we’d deposit our prep leftovers into a thriving compost pile beside our kitchen door. This waste, processed by composting worms and millions of microorganisms, would return to the garden after a couple of months and nourish the next generation of food.

Fascinated by this cycle, I began asking friends who worked at restaurants if they’d bring me some of the kitchen waste for me to expand my composting. One of those friends brought it over to me with a bike, and thus began the initiative of bike-powered community composting.

Gainesville Compost is a pedal-powered community compost network in Gainesville, Florida.

Today, our Bike-Powered Food Waste Diversion program collects kitchen waste from numerous local restaurants, cafes, bars, and residents and turns it into a rich and diverse blend of local compost and vermicompost called Soil Food.

We do all collections by bike and divert local food waste to a distributed network of partner composting sites at urban farms, restaurants, churches, and other organizations.

Thanks for being part of our story.

Chris Cano
Compost Experience Officer (CEO)

Contact Info

For questions about products, services, events, or to schedule a phone call, email info@gainesvillecompost.com.


Thank you students, newspapers, and Gainesville media for publishing stories and photos about Gainesville Compost! If you are working on a print, photo, or video story, please get in touch.

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