5 Constructive Things To Do Instead of Black Friday

Today I will strive to create positive and productive energy as opposed to the negative and consumptive energy that surrounds Black Friday. Here are 5 ways: 1. Practice mindfulness. No matter what you do today, try to remain conscientious in the present moment. If you are local to Gainesville, our colleague Payal Khurana of Launchpad, […]

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8 Things We Are Grateful For in 2015

As Thanksgiving approaches, we wanted to take the time to highlight what we’re grateful for this holiday. This past year has been filled with amazing opportunities and even more amazing people. Here are eight things we at GNVCompost are grateful for this Thanksgiving: Moving into Launchpad at Infinity Hall. In August, the GNVCompost team began working […]

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Humans of Compost: Meet Annie Pais

Humans of Compost is a series that will follow Gainesville Compost members who are playing an important role in sustainability in an effort to reduce their footprint on the world. Humans of Compost is produced by our Innovation Academy internship team, Brad Pace, Matt Gallagher and Nhama Azani. Our first spotlight shines on Annie, and it […]

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Zesty Eggplant Bruschetta (Fresh Food Fridays)

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween, and that you all enjoyed our first Fresh Food Fridays recipe. Now that it is November, we should be expecting more winter crops like broccoli, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and cabbage. However, since we still have warmer weather in Florida than the usual season brings, we have some […]

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November Planting Guide for Gainesville & North-Central Florida Gardeners

Floridians are blessed (and sometimes burdened!) with almost year-round sunshine and warm weather. Thankfully, this allows us home gardeners to have something growing in the garden practically all year long. This month, there is a wide array of leafy greens, root vegetables and a few other produce items that are suitable for growing in our November climate. […]

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